Allegro’s team of seasoned real estate investment executives works with investors to enable them to capitalize on opportunities to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns. In order to maintain our goal to bring investors high-quality investment opportunities, we remain selective in choosing the sponsors with whom we work.

Our principals all have gained deep operational and investment experience while working within internationally prominent real estate companies, banks and investment managers. Having dual real estate and capital markets expertise enhances our ability to advise sponsors on developing optimal strategies that align operating goals with sources of capital. Investors appreciate our ability to analyze all layers of an investment opportunity, from macro trends to deal-level underwriting to management team capabilities.

Allegro conducts rigorous due diligence on our sponsors and investment opportunities. We maintain high ethical standards and full compliance with industry, regulatory and market practices.

All securities transactions are carried out through our affiliate, Allegro Securities LLC, member of FINRA and SIPC. Allegro Advisors and Allegro Securities have identical beneficial ownership.

Business Continuity Plan Disclosure.